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Group Name Group Type Leader Location Day Time
The Book Club
This LifeGroup is for women who want to live a life that honors Christ. We will read ...
Women Melanie Sanders & Tammy Bailey VINITA Monday 6:00 pm Details
Garage Guys
Men, 18 years and older, who are car enthusiasts meet to discuss life's weekly events ...
Men Robert Sanders Vinita Monday, Tuesday 6:00 pm Details
The Mom Mess
Moms coming together to navigate those messes of the mom world. Growing together in ...
Women Allina Johnson Vinita Sunday 6:00 pm Details
Life Riders
The Life Riders group is dedicated to finding the joy in The Lord and the heights of ...
Adults Jozettta McGuire Vinita Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10:00 am Details
Empty Nesters
Adults with empty nests ...we are glad to make exceptions :)
Adults Phil & Tammy Lucas Vinita, OK Wednesday 6:30 pm Details
In Between
In Between is a small group of adults who are young (or young at heart) ...
Adults Zene Smith Vinita Thursday 6:30 pm Details
With your decision to accept Christ as your Savior, you have ben changed forever. The ...
Family Jeff Williams Vinita Sunday 6:00 pm Details
Come join us ...
Adults Will & Joy Doggett Vinita Sunday 6:00 pm Details
This group is designed to help people overcoming addictions of any sort. We will be ...
Adults Troy Blagrave Vinita Sunday 6:00 pm Details
Priceless is ...
Women Samantha Mahurin VINITA Sunday 6:00 pm Details

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